The next generation of Managed Intrusion Prevention.

24/7 management and monitoring with stellar support. No equipment fees or contract terms, and free to evaluate. CINS active threat intelligence.

As always some of the best support in the industry - Thanks!Network Engineer for a school board in Canada

Intrusion Prevention is never simple,
but we make it simple for you.

Intrusion Detection or Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) are very effective tools for identifying and mitigating a wide variety of attacks, but traditional IPS devices are difficult at best to manage and maintain. Keeping up with the latest signature sets, making sure the software is up to date, monitoring the hardware, and managing the false positives ... It can be overwhelming, especially given everything else your job requires.
That’s where we come in. We do the job so you don’t have to.
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Managed Intrusion Prevention.

24/7 management and monitoring with stellar support and CINS.


Stellar personal support.

Support by humans, for humans, 24/7. Above and beyond your expectations.


CINS active threat intelligence.

An extra layer of protection you simply cannot get anywhere else.


A free evaluation of us, and a good, hard look at your own network.

Install a Sentinel on your network for free, and get a 14-day Network Gateway Assessment. We want you to see for yourself the magnitude of malicious activity that exists on the Internet, and how much of that activity makes it to your network's doorstep. In fact, as part of our continuing mission to end network intrusions, we think you need to know. That is what our Network Gateway Assessment is for.
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No two networks are the same. That's why we give you a lot of options.

With three different hardware options, a unique High-Availiabilty configuration, and the ability to place a Sentinel on the inside of your network to help identify compromised machines on your LAN, we can help you find the right installation. And the good news? No matter what you end up with, you've always got our Support team behind you all the way.
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